ApiHawk is Announcing Strategic Partnership with Virtuozzo

ApiHawk is Announcing Strategic Partnership with Virtuozzo

We have already announced our intention to keep growing and developing more and more complete solutions for the needs of various businesses worldwide. Recently, our team has launched the most refined version of our intelligent automation software (Version 3.5) that is applicable for wide range of activities and tasks. Check out Billia’s features to see how you can reduce the costs and manage the processes within your company more efficiently. You will also find a solution to the changes in personal data protection regulations that companies have recently faced. ApiHawk’s products have already been integrated in numerous businesses resulting in optimized expenditures and many satisfied customers.

The Next Step

We are now reaching new heights in our attempts to provide as thorough services as possible. Our next move is the strategic partnership we have initiated with Virtuozzo – a leader in the virtual infrastructure software industry and the company that developed the first commercially available container technology. Our new partner offers innovative solutions and a software platform integrating containers, VMs and storage. The company has helped numerous businesses to strengthen their performance by reduced costs, optimized investments and flexibility.

The Result

All our customers as well as our new partner will benefit from our cooperation. Although Billia is already the most intelligent software of its type, it will be getting even stronger in future. The integration of Virtuozzo with Billia will allow the best technologies that both the companies have developed to be united and available for end users as a single solution.

What Billia users can expect is the best features of Virtuozzo to become part of our software, thus making it more and more powerful. On the other hand, the Virtuozzo team members can focus on developing their own platfrom and whenever their customers need billing and automation software – Billia will be there for them.

Last but not least, for both partners will be essential the expertise they have in the development of intelligent, flexible and adaptive solutions for businesses. Our customers can only benefit from the additional value we will be able to provide them as a result from our partnership. Relying on our products and services will bring them even greater level of satisfaction and better performance. ApiHawk will not stop looking for new opportunities to grow and develop and to offer our customers the best and the most complete technologies for their businesses. We are very happy to announce our future partnership with Virtuozzo and we are looking forward to working with them.

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