Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is a multi-tasking payments software that can be easily integrated in other systems to help customers perform their orders and purchases.

It can support multiple payment gateways for integration such as:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • Paypal
  • SafeCharge
  • Paytrail
  • Billia Wallet
  • ePay
  • Be2bill
  • Qiwi Wallet

And many others listed in the respective section in our Billia 3.5 Blog post. This way Payment Gateway ensures that the client would have its favourite and preferred payment option listed. It supports both online and offline types of payment, whether you want to use an online credit, PayPal, your own bank account or your favourite payment service provider, they can all work with Payment Gateway perfectly.

Its capabilities also include:

  • Location-based currency;
  • Choosing a different language;
  • User - friendly interface;
  • Easily manageable controls;
  • Secure handling of the payments;
  • Fast purchase and payment processing;
  • Easy integration;
  • And last but not least - it’s constantly improved!

Billia’s Payment Gateway is based on Payum and follows nearly the same process. Through its stages, Payment Gateway performs an entire purchase, payment and notifies about it in no time:

  1. Payment Gateway enters the “Prepare” stage, where it requests and gathers from the server all the information about the purchased product, quantity, settings, customer details etc.;
  2. Next stage is “Capture” where gateway access is authorized and the purchase is ready to be processed through it;
  3. User is redirected to gateway to start entering payment method details (e.g. credit card number, PayPal account etc.);
  4. Customer completes payment details and proceeds to confirmation and check-out;
  5. Payment Gateway enters the “Done” stage and makes a decision on the purchase result, based on all criteria that need to be met, if it is a “Success, “Failure” or in “Pending” phase;
  6. After that the customer is the proud owner of their new product and Payment Gateway’s last thing to do is to “Notify” them via email as a last confirmation of a successful purchase.

If all of this sounds too complicated, don’t worry, these processes happen mostly under the hood, and end results are reached in less than a minute!