Document Manager

One of the many features of ApiHawk Billia is the Document Manager - it is both an editor and a file archive. It involves the process of setting up templates that require unique purchase data and are generated as specified by the system.

The Document Manager functionality is a required component for any eCommerce system. With Billia this functionality is additionally enhanced by ApiHawk’s Eventor to provide maximum efficiency. Day-to-day work and business accounting becomes much more effective and effortless, thanks to Eventor’s automated orchestration capabilities and the modification and archive features of Document Manager.

The Billia Document Manager is divided into two parts - the Archive and the Editor. Both sections are controlled from the Billia Management Panel.

The Archive contains all documents generated in the system, regardless of the date, recipient, or type. They can be sorted and filtered by type, edited on the spot, and downloaded as PDF files. The Editor contains the rules for creation of document types. This requires a Template, for which a specific style, called an Appearance, is applied. From then on Billia populates the aforementioned template with variables generated by the ApiHawk Eventor, using pre-configured system triggers and events.

Example: Let’s take an example with a document of the invoice type. Invoices are financial proof of successful payments. This document format is created by first creating a template for it using MJML - a framework that makes responsive email easy. It is then associated with a certain document style, which is called an Appearance, and is custom made by the Admin, as well. Now, the invoice has a template for the content and a visual style. All it is left is to set its behavior - how and when the system would generate it. This involves a specific set of automated events which are executed by ApiHawk Eventor. When the document is generated, Eventor will populate the specific information matching the template parameters. For an invoice this could be the name of the customer, their contact data, the purchased product, its price.

After that, the system will be automatically completing this action whenever needed, no matter how frequent. No more creating documents manually! No more losing files! Custom and automated, Billia Document Manager makes it easy to keep track of, configure, and manage all documents; something every business is in need of!