Automation is the future of business technologies. It reduces the need of human intervention and resources, hence increasing profit, minimizes probable errors, increases efficiency and requires less operating time.

ApiHawk’s Cloud Billing and Automation software uses automated processes that will allow you to achieve significant improvement in your work with clients through clearly developed business logic.

Billia’s Automation component is the Brains behind the software and is characterized in two separate automated softwares: ApiHawk® Gear and ApiHawk® AppCell.

ApiHawk® Gear

ApiHawk® Gear is a monitoring and reporting API-based system for every action and process on the main software. It guarantees 100% effective response in times of serious business needs. It’s flexible, dynamic and adaptive.

Moreover, it is quite easy to handle. This being one of its strengths, the UI is designed to provide as much data as possible while at the same time doesn’t get cluttered with excess buttons, functions or incomprehensible statistic. This remains a constant in both the implementation of daily tasks, and in terms of the technical maintenance of the system.

The tool basically orchestrates all actions and processes to get executed, monitors their behavior on infrastructural and application level under the hood, provides detailed information about each process and creates overall statistics and reports.

ApiHawk® Gear uses an asynchronous principle for parallel management of large number of tasks. This assists in the successful and productive multifunctionality of numerous processes at once and redistributes resources in the most effective way as per the specifics of the business. The software also allows for the setup of “Retries” to be executed on specified activities when necessary.

The multitasking aspect of the tool depends on the server it’s attached to. ApiHawk® Gear could be integrated with multiple other systems to monitor and report their processes, which the UI displays as “Workers”. Its capability of multitasking would be as strong as the server itself.

ApiHawk® Gear’s functionality doesn’t stop there. It has an embedded Crontab to serve as a Scheduler on an application level. That way each process listed could become active at an exactly specified time using cron schedule expressions.

Crontab - short for Cron Table, is a Unix-based command that creates a table/list of commands, that would be executed by the OS at a specifically set time.

Last, but not least, the success of the ApiHawk® Gear software is completed with the Eventor. It is a software created with great care and imagination by the amazing ApiHawk® team and it lets its user create system flows without any developer interference!

It is an event based tool for various situations that can occur in the system and for predefined tasks that have been assigned to them, in order to automate their implementation in case of daily and peak-hour workload.

The ApiHawk® Gear Eventor works with multiple data variations depending on what is the end goal of the “flow” you would want to create. Respectively, it is in close connection with the main software it has been attached to and requests that data and functionalities from it. Hence, the ApiHawk® Gear Eventor can too adapt to and work with different systems. It has the power of a complex and long programmer code, without the difficulty to manage, create or edit it.

You can see more information about the Eventor in our dedicated blog post.

ApiHawk® Gear can easily adapt to changes, save time and resources for the business using it and is of vital importance for companies to stay ahead of the competition. The software can easily be adapted to each system and market and you don’t need to be a developer to benefit from ApiHawk® Gear.

ApiHawk® AppCell

ApiHawk® AppCell is a next-gen Application Packaging Standard that we, at ApiHawk®, are developing through the EU program for Innovation and Competitiveness. It is based on a new and innovative software standard that is able to manage all kinds of software applications by automating and unifying the communication between them and various Internet services and hosting platforms.

AppCell consists mainly of a hardware-cloud-based server system and innovative APIs. Its unique features to standardize software applications and automate their integration process speaks for world-class novelty, as there is no alternative product on the market currently present. Thanks to the excellent design of ApiHawk® AppCell you can be completely autonomous in terms of network communication between the individual components of your system without the need of being concerned about problems on the low level integration of third party solutions.

Serious attention has been paid to this aspect during the development of AppCell, with the aim not to disturb the work process of our partners and to ensure 100% integrity in the field of the particular company that is using the product.

Furthermore, ApiHawk® AppCell provides a number of additional features that will help with managing the entire process effectively: SDK, Proactive triggers, Unified error system, Multiserver support, Retry Strategy, etc.

The tool additionally aims at:

  • Improving the efficiency in managing Internet services;
  • Implementing working eco-efficient methods;
  • Being fit for centralized work;
  • Every user to be able to use it from a centralized server in order to reduce the service footprint on the machines used;
  • Scaling only on the software features needed in order to ensure minimum server resource usage;
  • A next-gen infrastructure for all components to work successfully together in the same environment;
  • Establishing such input and output parameters, through which the AppCell users will be ensured that external software communication will proceed successfully.

AppCell provides convenient integration with well-known global service providers in the field of hosting products including: OnApp, cPanel, Odin, ResselerClub, Kubernetes, etc. In case there’s a need of integration with additional suppliers of ISP services, that could be quickly and easily implemented.

Moreover, ApiHawk® AppCell allows for easy cross promoting and sale of additional services to interested clients. Due to the tool’s accelerated integration capabilities and low resource maintenance necessity, anyone using it will be able to significantly increase their sales in a short period of time.

ApiHawk® AppCell is the new Application Packaging Standard software that will assist your business in more ways than imaginable!