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All the tools you need to run a modern hosting business.

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  • cPanel
  • onApp
  • Kubernetes
  • Reseller club
  • Plesk
  • virtuozzo

Billia - Cloud Billing & Automation

Billia is for your Business!

A next Generation Billing & Automation software for Hosters and Telcos, Billia makes for an easier management of your company and services.

It provides you control, multiple integrated systems, handles orders, transactions and product automation.

Subscription-based, pay-to-use or one-time services - all options are covered by Billia!

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Sell with Billia

  • Sell shared hosting

    We know that shared hosting is the backbone of the hosting business. ApiHawk Billia simplifies the process of managing your existing hosting infrastructure. Whether you choose cPanel or Plesk, it makes no difference. With Billia you can sell the old school shared hosting in a new modern way.

  • Sell cloud & VPS

    Sell resources, sell services, sell bulk of machines. With Billia, the cloud management and the monetization becomes easy and flexible. Different billing models, based on your personal needs: Renewable, Continuous, Usage Based, One-time, Subscription, it depends only on your personal needs and your client base.

  • Sell Domain Names

    Sell all kinds of domains from different Registrars and Registries. ApiHawk Billia can integrate as many Registrars as you need to offer your customers the best price and service for your domains.

  • Sell OpenStack Cloud

    Billia makes it incredibly easy to sell OpenStack Cloud. Empower your users to control and provision their systems and resources in the most efficient way, by being integrated into ApiHawk Billia.

  • Sell DNS Hosting

    Your customers deserve the best DNS hosting. Regardless if you choose cPanel’s integrated DNS, premium AnyCast DNS, or your own in-house solution, ApiHawk Billia can sell and manage it brilliantly.

  • Sell Value-Added Services

    You have a unique business proposition and want to sell it with every domain name, while having the option for customizable properties? Billia is here to help you grow strong!

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The Cloud Automation & Billing Software

Designed to provide full control over your entire stack of tasks, ApiHawk’s Billia is a software carefully tailored to optimize a company’s efficiency and performance. Powered by the process of automation and unique APIs, Billia eases the management of your company and lowers business costs and human resources.

The increased efficiency with which all components work seamlessly together and the high adaptation level to the specific company needs, are the critical factors for the success of ApiHawk’s Billia in the field of automated business solutions.

If you are looking to strengthen your business agility, product automation and mobilize your workflow processes on a daily basis, then you are looking for the innovative, automated and flexible characteristics of ApiHawk’s Cloud Billing and Automation software.

Transform your business and enter a new era of Cloud Billing and Automation with ApiHawk’s Billia and let us help you become a Leader!


Get to know every part of Billia

ApiHawk’s Cloud Billing and Automation software is comprised of different components to shape the perfect tool that will bring your business in the new era of Billing and Automation services - Billia. Additionally, all of the components are completely integratable by themselves and can bring that needed flare of functionality and success to your own system.

  • Billing System Billing System
  • Payment Gateway Payment Gateway
  • Automation Automation
  • Powerful Customer Panel Powerful Customer Panel
  • Document Manager Document Manager
  • Help Center Help Center
  • Billing System

    Create and customize your own eCommerce the way you always wanted it to be, ApiHawk’s Cloud Billing and Automation software - Billia provides you all the options down to the last detail!


    Billing System
  • Payment Gateway

    Choose how to pay for purchases through our dedicated all in one multi payment gateway software. We support over 70 vendors such as Stripe, Paypal, Braintree, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, Offline/Custom and many more.


    Payment Gateway
  • Automation

    The numerous automated tasks that ApiHawk® Billia is able to perform are the key towards the high efficiency which every modern business is in need of!


  • Powerful Customer Panel

    ApiHawk’s Billia software doesn’t just look after the customer’s business, it also takes care of the business’s customers. Billia has a multifunctional power customer panel. It assists the user to monitor and manage payments and orders, transactions, services, documents, profiles, and has its own embedded Help Center. The User has all the power over their actions in their own Billia Customer Panel.

    Powerful Customer Panel
  • Document Manager

    Our Document Manager will generate, manage and store purchase documentation in PDF format quicker than you can say “Billing and Automation”.


    Document Manager
  • Help Center

    ApiHawk’s Cloud Billing and Automation software - Billia makes it easy for you to create your own Knowledge Base and share it either publicly or internally with your clients.


    Help Center


  • Powerful Product Catalog

    Create your own multifunctional Product Catalog and start selling with success


  • Easy to Integrate

    Each component can be integrated easily and separately in other systems to perfectly fit the business needs

  • White-Label Software

    Personalize Billia to fit your brand and design and make it a part of your business family

  • Web and Shared Hosting

    Offer web and shared hosting services in the most innovative way

  • Multifunctional Billing System

    Unique APIs and a variety of payment options comprise Billia's flexible billing system


  • Automated Processes

    The software works on the basis of automated tasks and processes that allow for seamless and easy control


  • Monitoring and Reporting

    Stay up-to-date with everything happening in your Billia and easily monitor business activities

  • Multi-language System

    Billia doesn't neglect, choose from a variety of languages

  • Multi currency Settings

    Select any currency from a vast selection for your Payment system

  • Premium Support

    Have a question or not sure how to accomplish an action in Billia? Contact us through our Support Team!


  • Multi Authentication Logins

    From OAuth2 to SAML, Billia provides multi authentication login options!


OK, how much does it cost?


Sell everything FREE of charge. Automate everything 0.10€ per service.

Regular price: €999/mo


Start your business

  • Unlimited Everything
  • Powerful Billing & Automation
  • Storefront & Order Flow
  • Product Catalog
  • White Label
  • On-premises
  • Multi Vendor Automation
  • Invoice/Document Management
  • Multi Tier Affiliate
  • Multi Currency, Multi Language
  • Automation as a Service - 0.10€ per active service

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