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  • Easily and efficiently broaden your business functionalities by integrating AppCell to your centralized system to provide the use of third party vendors for selling purposes. The software doesn’t require for the system to be additionally configured to comprehend any AppCell-specific requests or to undergo changes in the programming code. The central system is not required to understand or operate the separate components of AppCell, either. This makes AppCell compatible with any type of centralized eCommerce system.

  • AppCell standardizes all vendor processes and allows them to work faster and more efficiently without coupling, modifying the source code, or hard-coding plugins. It can equalize their operation patterns and unify their communication with the main software. This means - one UI for management purposes, where vendors simultaneously work in the same manner, through AppCell’s specific schemas for standardization. These schemas are integrated parts of those vendor cells. This puts the vendor cells to work in one single framework, which pushes a unified and standardized way of system processing, where the type of the parameters is accepted as the same for all cells.

  • No hardcoding needed, easy to configure, is language agnostic, ships the individual UI of all services, incorporates error-handling and retry strategy, allows modifications on actions’ payloads, is not directly interconnected with Billia, and many more wonderful features are a part of AppCell!


The AppCell magic

The integration software that can be the difference between "just good" and "amazing" in the hosting industry..

The newest player on the market designed to assist hosting and telecom companies..

The functionalities that provide customers with diverse and more easily configurable services..

AppCell's innovative software architecture allows it to play the role of a service standardizing application and, at the same time, unify the communication between itself and the main system it is integrated to.

AppCell diagram part 1

  • Components

    AppCell’s structure is accomplished through various manageable vendor micro-software, called Cells. These form unique abstract configurations of required actions and workers, called hybrid plugins.

  • Process

    AppCell is completely autonomous in terms of network communication between the individual components of the system. It communicates with the central system through the AMQP protocol and distributes respective requests to the specific vendors.

  • Benefits

    AppCell eases the process of acquiring clients, ensures more convenient system management, decreases business costs, provides quick go-to market time, can assist in the offering of a vast pool of products and vendor services, and so much more!

AppCell diagram part 2

AppCell the Solution

AppCell is focused on improving the day-to-day work processes of companies in the hosting and telecom industries. The issues AppCell manages to resolve can save business time, man-power and development costs. The software overcomes standard problems that occur during the creation of the actual programming code of the system. It is designed to implement a software architecture that makes integration and functioning better, smarter and faster, for both Management and Customers.

If you have Billia, AppCell comes bundled with!

  • No more hardcoding

    Other plugin-based software include hardcoded plugins. In case a new plugin needs to be added or the central software to be modified/updated, the hardcoded plugins prove to be problematic. They could lead to compatibility limitations, further development issues, errors, code complications, and functionality corruptions. Moreover, hardcoded plugins could result in changes to the source code.

    AppCell’s plugins are not hardcoded and don’t lead to compatibility, modification limitations or issues. They can be easily transferred, transitioned, updated, removed, or added, without any risk for the centralized system.

  • Error? Just Retry.

    Processing errors can always occur during the provisioning process. Usually, this means that the entire process needs to be restarted, which often leads to more errors and system corruption.

    AppCell incorporates an error-handling and retry strategy functionality, which ensures that an error during the provisioning process will not corrupt the entire system or end result. In the event of an error during an AppCell execution process, the software pulls the cache from all successful steps prior to the error and initiates a retry strategy. This way the software doesn’t lose any processing progress and doesn’t excessively load the main system.

  • Language-agnostic

    A plugin-based infrastructure of an integrated software on its own is not the ideal situation for most companies. There exist incompatibilities between the working processes and programming language used in systems, which can lead to patched-up coding, alteration of the software's concept, development overtime, and higher costs.

    AppCell is language-agnostic and capable of working with various centralized systems and plugins, no matter their programming language (PHP, Java, Python, CSS, C++, etc.). AppCell operates through intermediary mini-software which effortlessly translate and support the entire communication process.

  • Plugin Conveniency

    Sometimes it could be hard to find a convenient enough plugin-based software on the market. Some may require you to prepare your own Integrations, others may not have a good variety of such, and then there are those which cost way too much and yet offer limited plugins.

    AppCell comes with a vast pool of already configured Integrations of well-established Resellers, Domain Registrars, Service providers, and even more vendors. Additionally, AppCell's plugins are hybrid and don't require additional configuration. Moreover, due to AppCell being language-agnostic, plugin development costs are low and they can be developed in any programming language.

Registrar Integrations

  • Enom Enom

    One of the largest domain name Registrars and Web hosting companies in the world since 1997.


  • Reseller Club Reseller Club

    A domain registrar, with a focus on large variety of hosting plans, domain services and web building tools.


  • GoDaddy GoDaddy

    One of the largest and most famous Domain Registrars and Domain host in the world since 1997.


  • NameCheap NameCheap

    One of the fastest-growing domain registrars, that offers domain registrations with various TLDs.


  • EURid EURid

    The registry manager of the .eu and .ею country code TLDs as appointed by the European Commission.


  • dotTK DotTK

    A joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, Teletok and BV Dot TK. Is the exclusive registration entity.


  • InterNetX InterNetX

    Offers flexible IT resources for companies and resellers. Provides tailored domain-related services.



    An ICANN-accredited domain name registrar, with a large variety of other related domain and hosting services.


  • NameSilo NameSilo

    A Domain Name registrar that offers low price domain-related services and domain registrations.


  • OpenSRS OpenSRS

    A go-to platform for Resellers of domain names, that provides various domain-related services.


  • Traficom Traficom

    Supervises the operation of ISPs and manages the .fi TLD, for Finland. Is previously known as Ficora.



    A private Portugal non-profit association that manages the registration of domains under the TLD .pt.


  • Hexonet Hexonet

    A domain hosting company that offers hundreds of TLD options, transfers, backorders, web apps, etc.


  • Instra Corporation Instra Corporation

    Provides world leading registration services of domain names and convergence technologies.


  • Internetstiftelsen Internetstiftelsen

    Based in Sweden, the IIS is responsible for the Swedish TLD .se, and the operation of the .nu TLD.


  • Nask Nask

    A national research institute and the Polish national registry maintaining the registry of .pl domains.



    Supervises the .it TLD for Italy and offers various services for .it TLDs including management, transfer, and more.


  • OnlineNIC OnlineNIC

    One of the earliest ICANN accredited Registrars since 1996, it provides various domain-related solutions.


  • RRP Proxy RRP Proxy

    An international ICANN accredited hosting company that provides domain names, hosting, and more.


  • Realtime Register Realtime Register

    A hoster active worldwide with 600 resellers in over 100 countries managing several million domains.


  • DotPH DotPH

    The official Domain Name Registry of the Philippines which has control over the TLD .ph.


  • Synergy wholesale Synergy Wholesale

    An independent Australian-based company that offers white label and domain-related services on low prices.



    The ZA Central Registry is the administrator of the South African zones,,, and


  • DomainPeople DomainPeople

    The eight ICANN accredited domain registrar, has over 1,000,000 registered domains worldwide.



    Is the primary Domain Registrar for Austria, manages the .at zone with more than 1.3 million registered .at domains.


  • Nominet Nominet

    Is the .uk Domain Name Registry for the UK and offers over 70 TLDs, including .bbc and .london.


  • OpenProvider OpenProvider

    A wholesaler of Internet services and products that offers various domain-related products.



    Founded in 1999, the company currently offers VPS, dedicated servers and other web-related services.


  • Papaki Papaki

    The biggest Domain Name Registrar for the country of Greece that provides domain-related solutions.


Service Provider Integrations

  • CPanel CPanel

    The owner and developer of cPanel & WHM software - an online Linux-based web hosting control panel.


  • CMail pro CMail pro

    A unified communication solution, which includes reliable email service, web mail, calendars, and more.


  • Jelastic Jelastic

    A cloud services provider that combines PaaS and CaaS in a single package for hosters and Telecoms.


  • OnApp OnApp

    A cloud management platform that offers valuable IaaS and other types of Clouds to MSPs, Telcos and hosts.


  • Plesk Plesk

    A web hosting platform with a control panel that allows the set up of new websites, reseller accounts, and more.


  • Spam Experts Spam Experts

    Helps web-hosting companies and ISPs/telcos to improve their email protection through various solutions.


  • SSL Store SSL Store

    A Premium SSL Service and offers SSL/TLS certificates of various types.


  • PowerDNS PowerDNS

    Premier supplier of open source DNS software, services and support


  • Virtuozzo Virtuozzo

    Is a USA based company specializing in virtualization software used for server consolidation, disaster recovery, etc.