We believe in constant improvement. True innovation and problem solving call us to question everything, even our own bias. We intend to provide working solutions to our customers. Solutions for driving their businesses: Fast Forward and Focused.

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Pavel Nikolov CEO, ApiHawk

Who we are?

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ApiHawk was established in the era of the machines and today it manages to meet the challenges of the high-tech industry and its needs.

Our prime goal is to create faster, more efficient, more accessible and smarter solutions of a next-generation in service of the business that plans to grow faster and faster. Our ability to design, implement and integrate scalable solutions define our role of the leaders of tomorrow in the field of the high technology ISP solutions.

Inspired by the endless possibilities, we design fully customized solutions aiming to meet the needs, purpose, vision and mission of our partners in a perfect way.

ApiHawk is a company that has proven as a reliable and responsible partner in several industry sectors, among smaller and larger companies, and within the government sector on 4 continents.

ApiHawk is the answer when you are looking for an effective way to expand your business through automated, high-tech and intelligent solutions of a new generation.


Our mission is to work with innovative companies tho are top performers in their industry sector. Our aim is to help them become the best on the market and at the same time to contribute to the ascent of technical solutions globally.

  • Past

    Our experience has helped us to clearly identify the problems in the field of the high-tech business solutions. That experience gives us strength and inspiration to look for what is promising, new, innovative and thus to offer better final solutions.

  • Present

    The challenge to create, maintain and upgrade business in the nowadays quickly changing world is a driving force for us. Day by day, one month after another, year after year, we integrate the dynamics of globalization in our products, so that they can be always one step ahead of others.

  • Future

    Tomorrow is the direction which ApiHawk steadily follows in its ambitions. We emerge from the three-dimensional and reinvent the future in the space-time continuum. Our out-of-the box thinking ensures that the work with our partners provides a 100% satisfaction and a guarantee for success.

We started learning from the past, the applied the lessons in the present, and are ready to meet the rising of the future!

Our values

  • Caring

    We care about people: our guys, the customers and our partners. We care about the office, environment and infrastructure; We care about our products, services and solutions

  • Say what you mean, mean what you say. Work hard regardless of who is or isn't watching;

  • Constant improvement

    We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list;

  • Pro-activeness

    We do the extra mile; Do do it too;

  • Customer Focus

    We the focus on the customers. They validate our ideas, solutions and abilities; Do what is right, not what is easy;

How we work

Through skillful planning, creation and delivering of our products and services, we are heading forward to become even better and to offer even more to you - our partners.

  • Planning

    The planning is part of our business processes, helping us to determine the most appropriate solution for the particular business. It allows us to build a clearer vision and follow a concept to achieve the ultimate goal of our work.

  • Creating

    The software creation is not an easy task. It requires an excellent knowledge of the key issues of the modern business and understanding of the technical challenges that our clients face. Taking advantage of our experience in the software development, we offer not just passive solutions, but proactive ones that are adapted for the certain businesses and will contribute to the ultimate success of our clients and partners.

  • Delivering

    Thanks to our experience and high level of technical competence, we can offer and integrate the most appropriate solutions for our clients and help them achieve success. The successful application of proven and effective solutions makes us proud of our work. Our efforts bring excellent results to the people and businesses that choose to trust ApiHawk.


Companies we have worked with

We are always giving the best out of us for the best out there.

  • Ficora
  • HostPulse
  • Planeetta Internet
  • Rozma
  • Sudatel Data Center
  • ICN.Bg
  • CommuniGate Systems
  • Saudi Telecom
  • Sri Lanka Telecom
  • Sudatel
  • 21CTL