We believe in constant improvement. True innovation and problem solving call us to question everything, even our own bias. We intend to provide working solutions to our customers. Solutions for driving their businesses: Fast Forward and Focused.

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Pavel Nikolov CEO, ApiHawk

Who we are

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Established in the peak of modern technology, today ApiHawk manages to meet the challenges of the high-tech industry and its needs.

We aim at creating smarter software solutions of the next generation that are faster, more efficient and easily accessible. They are designed for the businesses that plan to grow more and faster. Our abilities to design, implement and integrate scalable solutions define us in the role as Leaders of tomorrow in the field of high technology ISP solutions.

We are inspired by the endless possibilities in our area of work and design fully customized solutions aiming to meet the needs, purpose, vision and mission of our partners in a perfect way.

ApiHawk is a company that has proven itself as a reliable and responsible partner in several industry sectors, among smaller, larger companies and the government sector on four continents.

When you are looking for an effective way to expand your business through automated, high-tech and intelligent solutions of a new generation, then ApiHawk is the answer you are seeking!


We, at ApiHawk, have the mission to valuably contribute to the ascent of technical solutions globally. We work with innovative top-performing in their industry sector companies and help them with attention, proactiveness and the power of knowledge to become the best on the market.

  • Past

    Starting just a few people from ground zero back in 2014, we wanted to learn, develop ourselves further and be able to identify the problems in the field of high-tech business solutions, in order to provide adequate, innovative and inspired results to our clients.

  • Present

    Today, we are a successful and innovative company motivated by the challenges of modern technology. We constantly overachieve in our own goals and integrate the dynamics of the nowadays rapidly changing world into our products. All, so that our clients are always one step ahead of the rest.

  • Future

    The time yet to come is the direction which ApiHawk steadily follows in its ambitions. We emerge from the three-dimensional and reinvent the future in the space-time continuum. Our out-of-the-box thinking and amazing team break the boundaries of software possibilities and bring the Future to the Here and Now for a 100% success rate among our clients.

"We started by learning from the Past, to apply the lessons in the Present and now are ready to meet the rising of the Future!"

The ApiHawk Team

Our values

  • Caring

    We have big minds and big hearts – we care about people: our team, our customers and our partners. We care about the environment and infrastructure and we care about our products and services to become the business solutions you truly need!

  • Say what you mean, mean what you say. Our clients and their feedback is what defines us!

  • Constant improvement

    We limit ourselves only to our imagination and constantly find better ways to work better, develop better software solutions and be better as a team!

  • Pro-activeness

    One does not simply adjust, one makes things happen ahead of time. We go the extra mile, do it too!

  • Customer Focus

    We focus not only on our products but also on our customers.They validate our ideas, solutions and abilities. As we like to say: Do what is right, not what is easy!

How we work

Through skillful planning, attention to creation details and successful delivering of our products and services, we have charted our path to constantly improve ourselves and to be able to offer our customers more than we did yesterday.

  • Planning

    Planning is step one from our business processes, helping us determine the most appropriate solution for your particular business need. It allows us to build a well-defined vision and follow its concept in order to achieve the ultimate goal of our work.

  • Creating

    Software creation is not an easy task. It requires excellent knowledge of the key issues of modern businesses and great understanding of the technical challenges that our clients face. Having experience in software development and high level of technical competence, we design not just simple tools but proactive software solutions that fit the needs and preferences of the certain business and will contribute to its ultimate success.

  • Delivering

    Step three from our business processes is the delivery of the specifically designed software solution that would assist our clients to achieve success. We bring quality to all of our products and services and deliver them with pride and punctuality. Our efforts are proven with excellent results for the people and businesses that choose to trust us at ApiHawk.


Companies we have worked with

We are always giving the best out of us for the best out there.

  • Ficora
  • HostPulse
  • Planeetta Internet
  • Rozma
  • Sudatel Data Center
  • ICN.Bg
  • CommuniGate Systems
  • Saudi Telecom
  • Sri Lanka Telecom
  • Sudatel
  • 21CTL